Business Improvement

The Awesome 8 Opportunities:

Professional assistance not just once a year, but on an on-going basis. Gain control and direction in your business and personal financial matters. We help you prepare budgets for profit planning purposes. We actively assist you in interpreting your periodic reports that monitor key performance indicators that apply to critical areas of your business. Working with you monthly or quarterly on these, we complete a comprehensive review. We don't just see each other once a year for tax.

The Awesome 8:

  • Growth
  • Profit
  • Cash flow
  • Asset & other protection
  • Tax mitigation
  • Sell
  • Retire
  • Legacy / Other

The Awesome 8 was designed to work for business owners who are looking for growth or improvement in their business. We do this through a structured approach to coaching by bringing together like minded business owners to really improve their business performance. Grow your business for financial independence and peace of mind.

What our clients say

"The team at CP Partners Accounting & CP Financial Planners have provided our clients with expert advice in the areas of taxation, property structures, wealth creation, retirement planning, superannuation, insurance and general investment advice.

"We have undoubtedly found that the team at CP are experts in their fields and our clients have been extremely pleased with the results they have achieved....

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